The Benefits of Medical Qi-Gong 


Purchase Instructions:

The Medical Qi-Gong DVD
is available for purchase for $35.00, 
plus $1.65 tax and $3.35 S/H,
for a total of $40.00.

Please mail a check to the following address:

Elizabeth C. Christenson, M.D.
934 Maunawili Circle
Kailua, Hawaii 96734

For more information, please Email Here, or phone (808) 261-7801.

Elizabeth Chen Christenson, MD, LAc, practices Family Medicine, Integrative-Holistic Medicine and Chinese Medicine at the Wellness Center of the Department of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) of the John A. Burns School of Medicine and at the CHI (Comprehensive Health Innovations) Medical Center in Hawaii. Being board certified in Holistic Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology and a nationally licensed Acupuncturist, she teaches both at the Medical School and at a local acupuncture school. She has taught Qi-Gong for more than 15 years and currently leads Qi-Gong classes at Castle Medical Center in Kailua, Hawaii.  She is also a Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner and has released a CD, “Meditative Therapeutic Harp” available below.

As a master of many CAM disciplines, Dr. Christenson is also a gifted life coach, teacher, speaker and healer. She coaches patients on healthy lifestyles and preventive medicine. Her approach to the patient is based on respecting the total person, with individualized treatments that incorporate the best of Eastern and Western medicine.  Dr. Christenson is bilingual, has a diversified cultural background, is active in multi-cultural community health services, and is devoted to bridging the best of Eastern and Western medicine, music therapy, and spirituality in medicine.


  • Dr. Christenson:
    Thank you for introducing me to Qi Gong.  It is enriching my life.  All good wishes and prayers for your coming endeavors.
    Aloha, Pam Mc.

    ●  Dr. Christenson:
    Thank you for leading us in QiGong through many years. It has been wonderful.
    Dorothy S.

    ●  Dr. Christenson:
    I would like to thank you for teaching and sharing QiGong with us.  Your Monday morning Qigong class really started the week off in a good and positive way for me.  I wish you all the best on your new endeavor and I applaud your efforts to convince students and doctors about the power of qigong in healing.  We will miss your Monday class greatly! Best Wishes and please keep in touch!
    Your student, Chris F.

    ●  Dr. Christenson,
    Your Qi Gong class was wonderful. I felt great after every class. It gave me energy and made me feel healthier.
    M.E. medical student

    ●  Dr. Christenson:
    Thank you for your Qi Gong class.  I do feel more calm and focused.  I am looking forward to our next practice. 

    ●  Medical student’s comment:
    I Went to the Castle Wellness Center in the morning to attend Dr. Christenson’s Qi Gong class.  It was really relaxing & a nice way to start the day.  I really didn’t know anything about Qi Gong prior to this, so it was a totally new learning experience for me.  Now I understand a little—that the moves & breathing are supposed to help you restore your chi & build it up.  I enjoyed the class very much!  Thank you Dr. Christenson. 

    ●  I attended my first Qi Gong class taught by Dr. Christenson today.  I had a lot of fun.  Qi Gong is a way to open the meridians and help good chi to flow freely throughout the body.  For many of the participants there – who were all women, by the way – it’s a great way to start their day.  We concentrated on our thoughts and breathing, and engaged in many specific movements and postures.  I found out I am pretty stiff, heh.  I’m sure I need a lot of practice before I get all of the movements right and really start to feel the full effects of Qi Gong.  Still, I *did* feel that I was doing something good for myself and perhaps I felt a little bit of the positive energy increasing and aligning within me.  At the very least, I felt I was starting the day on the right foot with positive energy. 
    4th year Medical student

    ●  Hi, Dr. Christenson:
    My week has been great as I think the healing and powerful energy from Qi Gong helped give me the zest I needed! I’m almost 100% cold and cough free too. I somehow got it in my head that the movement in combination w/meditation would definitely detox and heighten my state and that of my family too. I got inspired and I went searching online for you tube videos on Qi gong and yours showed up in my search. I did a few Qi gong movements and really did feel rejuvenated and clearer! Anyhow I’m excited to buy the Qi Gong DVD from you.
    Ana P.