The broad spectrum of women’s healthcare encompasses several generations of hormonal and physiological changes from puberty to fertility and childbearing to menopause and post menopausal stages. Knowing how to gracefully and healthfully develop through the multiple phases of a woman’s life is a major focus of CHI Lifestyle Medical Center’s treatment options.  Dr. Christenson has extensive experience in understanding the delicate balances between physical, mental, emotional and psycho-spiritual influences that women experience in their lives. These play a significant role in the comprehensive and seamless transition from one stage to another.

Generational Treatment Options

  • Balanced Nutrition with Sound Dietary Practices and Supplementation
  • Lifelong Bone Integrity
  • Onset of Menarche and Understanding Hormonal Equilibrium
  • Preparing for Childbirth with Prenatal Nutrition, Exercise and

Metabolic Therapies

  • Dealing with Menopause and Hot Flashes, Vaginal Dryness and Hormonal Changes
  • Energetic Therapies that Balance, Strengthen, Tone and Rejuvenate, including acupunture, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and NAET (finding and eliminating the causative factors that may play a crucial role in allergic and emotional dis-eases.)

The 21st century woman is faced with multiple choices and challenges that offer her opportunities to design a healthcare program that suits her personal needs and directives. Dr. Christenson works individually to create a custom designed program that partners with each patient and gives them the metabolic tools, knowledge and wisdom to enjoy the ultimate healthcare they deserve at every age and every stage of their womanhood.


“Thank you so much for entertaining our PEO (Providing Educational Opportunities for Women) group with such a charming and instructive presentation. Most of us had not seen a portable harp, so it was a pleasure to learn, listen, strum and pluck! The expertise you shared by the playing of the instrument demonstrated how dedicated you must have been to become so accomplished.  Thank you again for the best “guest speaker” we have had.” – Billie

“I just want to tell you I thank you for those “talks” you gave me. I appreciated it so much. It is you, just so simple but so effective. I took your advice and I got my family issues square away. I feel super well now. I did not take that anti-depressant pill I asked you to prescribe for me last month. I did not need it. I took your advice and I am very careful with the medication. I took the natural estrogen patch the smallest dose possible, I don’t wear it all the time and I do not have any more hot flashes.  My night sweats went away. I am feeling good. I do not need to see psychologist you recommended because I just need your “little talk” that was so effective. My daughter is doing great. She is not running away and now is living with me again. I want her to see you. I think she just needs that “little talk” from a doctor like you. I want to see you next week. Just talk to me is enough. Thank you!!” – Jacqueline N.

“I can feel the positive effect of the harp you played. I felt my body energy is more centered and grounded. I was able to go to the healing garden you suggested under your guided imagery. I feel more calm and peaceful. This is what I need while I am having stress at work especially I am experiencing peri-menopause symptoms with severe PMS. All these symptoms are associated with my change of life.  I look forward to try the herbs for hot flashes and sweats. Thank you for giving me this healing.  Thank you for taking time in your evaluation and taking care of my health.” – Irene Y.

“Mahalo nui loa for receiving me and spending such quality time, such irreplaceable moments together, as well! I sooo appreciated your making time for me… that was a true gift! It means the world to me that the people, the important ones like you, that can help me to realize my dreams of doing my part to help cure this ol’ world just a wee bit, are there for me now in my “moment of truth, beauty and goodness! In all my life, I have never felt so “at peace” with such a major decision. I truly feel I have been on this path to find my destiny during the whole journey of my lifetime! I am so grateful that you were such an important piece of it! My daughter, Sara and I, have come to call our meeting each other, ‘not-so-coincidences’. I mean, that you appeared in my life, when I probably needed you most. Our meeting, not much before Mother’s Day was not because of being medically vulnerable, which I will never take for granted, my present excellent health, that is, but because our ‘group karma’ perhaps, willed it to be. Your generosity of spirit has left such an indelible impression on me. Just maybe our ‘group destinies’ will meet again, no doubt 😉 I wanted to write this thank you, as soon as we said good bye, but everything is now moving ahead very quickly. I hope to see you before leaving these balmy and beautiful shores of Hawai`i nei! I am hoping to work with a ‘labor of love’ today on “Sharing your experience”, the online “spreading of positive energy to our world!” And also hope to enter this “positive energy” on “YELP”.” – Ann T.

“I felt so much confident and inner peace after energy balancing treatment. I noticed today when my husband was yelling at me I was very calm and told him what we need to do and then I went on to do my own stuff without feeling as bad as I used to felt for the rest of the day. I do not absorb my husband’s negative energy anymore. Not only that I was able to calm him down. I am so happy with this new me. Thank you.” – Rachel S.