Few substances in the body are as versatile and critical to human health as the classification of hormones in the endocrine system. They are essentially messenger substances secreted by target endocrine glands directly into the bloodstream or through a duct and have a broad-based spectrum of effects on how we function at every age of our lives. Among the major endocrine glands involved in hormone production and distribution are pineal, pituitary, pancreas, ovaries, testes, thyroid, parathyroid, hypothalamus and adrenals. The more commonly recognized hormones are: thyroxine, adrenaline, cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, aldosterone and insulin.

Some ways in which hormones influence our physiology and psychology are:

  • Circadian rhythms that affect sleeping and waking patterns
  • Emotional reactions
  • Immune enhancement or inhibition
  • Metabolic regulation
  • Temperature control
  • Sexual organ development and progression of reproductive systems and cycles
  • Preparation for various life phases such as puberty, childbearing, and menopause/andropause
  • Appetite, eating and weight management issues

Hormonal imbalances are often at the center of various malfunctions and maladies including:

  • Insomnia
  • Menstrual difficulties
  • Infertility
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Hot flashes or chills
  • Cardiovascular weakness

CHI Lifestyle Medical Center’s focuses on identifying and rebalancing the entire endocrine system. Dr. Christenson applies a comprehensive approach through allopathic and integrative medical testing, as well as, bio-identical and natural hormone enhancement and replacement options and stress relief techniques. By providing each patient with the therapeutic tools they individually need at different phases of their lives, they can rebalance their hormonal profile and achieve greater healthcare goals in alliance with restructured dietary and exercise regimens.

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Christenson gave me 5 times holistic evaluation and acupuncture treatments before I had a partial thyroidectomy (removed left lobe thyroid). When I returned to my surgeon for one week post op check up, he was astonished by my speedy recovery with healthy appearance and high energy. I credited this positive effect from Dr. Christenson’s holistic approach and skillful acupuncture technique that have boosted my energy and stamina which made recovery much faster. I know acupuncture had increased my energy because I could feel my energy became weaker if I missed treatment. Thank you Dr. Christenson for your excellent care of me.” – R. R.

“I am fortunate to have Dr. Christenson who believes me that I have low thyroid hormone even though my thyroid function was normal. I used to have cold hand, cold feet, low basal body temperature, increase facial hair, dry skin and dry eye, increase weight, chronic fatigue, constipation, abdominal bloating, swelling ankles. In addition, I also suffered from PMS, severe migraines, insomnia, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety. Dr. Christens provided me nutritional counseling, stress reduction (EFT), acupuncture. She also prescribed Armuor thyroid. I felt immediately improved but some of the symptoms still remain.  She switched Armour to T3 Sustain Release for me and most of my symptoms went away. I am a total different person. I am grateful that I have a MD with broad based knowledge in east and west medicine and treated me holistically.” – Karen T.

“Dr. Christenson: Thank you for your helping me adjusting thyroid medication. I had surgery done on right thyroid due to a benign cyst. After the surgery I was given Levothyroxine prescribed by my previous PCP. I developed stomach pain, abdominal pain, insomnia, palpitation due to side effect of Levothyroxine. When I started to see Dr. Christenson she prescribed Armour thyroid for me.  I was so happy that most of the symptoms went away.  My hand and feet were not as cold as before. When I started taking a new batch I felt chocking sensation and blurry vision. Dr. Christenson ordered compounding pharmacist to prepare Armour thyroid without chemical filler because she thought I had reaction to the filler of Armour.  My palpitation was much less frequent after I started compounding Armour without chemical fillers. Then Dr. Christenson began NAET treatment for me to eliminate my allergies.  Throughout her holistic program I no longer have depression and anxiety.  I began to appreciate my life and no longer feeling anxious like before. I think my anxiety was from my abused childhood.   Now I am more relaxed and I can feel happiness. Thanks to Dr. Christenson for helping me to re-build my life – I feel different and worthy.” – Maria S.

“Dr. Christenson: I have taken HRT for many years and still suffered post-menopausal symptoms. My hot flashed and night sweats went away after I took the Chinese herbal formulas Balance Heat you prescribed.  I learned so much from you about relationship, relaxation and de-stress techniques. I found NAET was very helpful to eliminate my constant bloating & digestive issues. I love to come to your office because I always leave your office with feelings of strength and positive of myself. Thank you for your caring.” – B.J.