Pain is often confused as a disease or malfunction in itself. We think if we can take the pain away, we can eliminate the problem. But pain is actually a metabolic message that something is out of balance, damaged or at risk, and we need to heed the message. Someone once made an analogy to pain killers as an image of a driver with an expensive luxury auto, who sees the oil light come on. Instead of going to the mechanic for a critical oil change, pulls the auto over, opens the hood and disconnects the wires to the oil light signal. No more message, but, sooner or later, no more engine.

Although pain is not usually on anyone’s wish list, it is their first wish to get rid of it. But, dealing with pain requires more than just chemical cover-ups or surgical interventions. Conventional medicine has generated an entire classification of pharmaceutical pain relievers from NSAIDS to opioids to steroids to surgical interventions.  No matter the immediate or transitory relief, each of these has numerous side effects, some addictive, and none truly addressing the cause.

At CHI Lifestyle Medical Center in Kailua, we consider reasonable and effective ways of dealing with pain:

  • Identifying where pain initiates and targets
  • Defining possible causative factors
  • Providing non-toxic and non-invasive methods of management
  • Simultaneously eliminating or correcting the source

Dr. Christenson has extensive training in both East Asian medicine and allopathic medicine and respects each of their unique strengths and merits. Emergency medicine is best treated with allopathic pharmaceuticals and surgery. In some cases, intractable pain requires dire methods of management. Allopathy is exceptional in the critical care field. When the call, however, is for degenerative disease and regenerative medicine, Dr. Christenson relies on her knowledge of:

  • Encouraging the healing process through nourishing substances
  • Detoxifying the cells of foreign and poisonous elements
  • Unblocking the flow of life force energy within meridian points
  • Stimulating metabolic balance by herbal and nutraceutical remedies
  • Relaxing the mind and body through meditation and movement
  • Inspiring the psycho spiritual awareness of wellness through therapeutic music

Once these have been developed into a custom program, both the message of pain and its parent cause can be relieved. The pain will subside on its own when the true problem has been addressed and corrected.

Patient Testimonials

HI Dr. Chen Christenson: My left arm pain due to stroke went away after your acupuncture treatment 6 weeks ago. I am so pleased that I was able to raise my left arm more than 90 degree.  I was able to grab object better.  Thank you very much for taking care of me.  Best,
– Elaine P.

Dr. Christenson was highly recommended to me by a close friend. I decided to see her to try acupuncture to help with my severe shoulder and neck pain and to help me manage my stress. My pain was so bad, it was difficult for me to sleep and last through the workday. It was really my first time trying acupuncture and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to say that Dr. C is most caring, gentle, generous, thorough, and understanding doctor I’ve ever met. She is so giving with her knowledge and time and over the course of just 5 months my pain is pretty much gone. Along with the acupuncture, she has taught me tools to help me manage my stress, which also helps to reduce my pain. In regards to cost, I have insurance which covers part of my treatments and I have small co-pays. Overall, I have never had an experience with a doctor where I have to pay so little for so much treatment. I have already recommended her services to many friends and want to extend that recommendation to everyone who reads this review.
– Cassandra C.

Dr. Christenson: I want to thank you for the acupuncture treatment you gave me today.  My hip and back pain was at the level of 8/10 and after the treatment the back pain was down to 0/10 and hip pain was down to 3-4/10.  I am looking forward to next treatment next week.
– Sandra O.