Meditative Harp Music composed and
played by Dr. Elizabeth Chen Christenson

Dr. Christenson grew up in a musical and medical family. Her father was an Ophthalmologist and violinist. She started playing piano and classical guitar in her younger age and was inspired to play harp just before she went to medical school.  She continued to play harp throughout her medical career. She discovered the link between music and medicine when she studied Chinese Medicine Five Element Theory which explained how music affects mind, body and spirit.

She is the author of the chapter entitled “Chinese Five Element Music Healing” for the book  “Harp Therapy Cradle of Sound” by Christina Tourin (2006). In the book she explains: “The healing effect of harp can be explained through the physics of vibratory energy: Based on the theory of frequency, diseases are caused by or the cause of disharmony/disfrequency of the body, such as lacking certain frequencies or making wrong frequencies.

The harp with its multiple strings (such as the 23-string lever therapy harp played in this CD) can produce ‘Complex Harmonic Motion’ that results in its characteristic richness, soothing, gentle tones and near infinite number of frequencies generated by the vibratory quality of each string and its ‘harmonics’.

The vibratory nature of the harp sound generates a near infinite amount of normalizing frequencies, either scattered or resonant in various places of the body, including acupuncture meridians, intracellular spaces, intercellular spaces, interstitial spaces, etc., which can cause profound physiological effects in the body such as alteration of mood, mental status, heartbeat, lung mechanisms, neurotransmitters, immunity, enzymatic reactions, hormonal secretions, cellular metabolisms, etc., which can balance the abnormal frequencies. Based on the physics of vibratory energy, all material substances have natural vibratory energy which creates their own natural resonating frequencies.

The laws of energy in the body exhibit the same natural resonating frequencies in each and every cell of the human body. Just as a singer can shatter a wine glass with her voice when her pitch matches the exact frequency of the glass, the sound frequencies can alter the cell membrane structure.

It has been demonstrated that sound frequencies can even shatter cancer cells. The shock waves produced by a lithotripter that can pulverize stones in the body and a harmonic scalpel producing high frequency sound waves that can coagulate blood vessels during surgery are examples of the physiological effects of sound waves in the body.

      Therapeutic Harp